Quicken™ Premier Program Improves Members’ Personal Finance Practices

Taking control of your personal finances is a little like starting a diet.  A good place to begin a diet is by measuring your daily caloric intake, just like recording your daily income and expenses is the perfect first step in controlling your own finances.

The Credit Union Foundation MD|DC has a perfect tool that your members can use to start their path to financial independence.

The Foundation will make available, at no charge and while supplies last, copies of open-license Quicken™ Premier, the leading personal finance software used by countless well-informed users.

These Quicken™ CDs can be used to help credit unions counsel members who are in need of restoring their credit ratings, are just getting started in the working world, or who just want a better way to monitor their savings and spending.

The CDs are licensed to allow unlimited installs on your members’ PCs as long as they are being used in conjunction with your financial education/counseling efforts.

The more your members use this powerful tool, the more useful it becomes.

By using Quicken™ Premier, your members can:

  • See where their money goes
  • Stay on top of their monthly bills
  • Track spending goals to save money

The Foundation will provide one to three copies of the Quicken™ CDs per credit union/branch (while supplies last).

Member Service Representatives may then install the program on their members’ laptops or create a “lending library” and allow members to take the CDs home to install on their desktop computers.  Copies of the “Quick-Start” instructions are included with every CD requested from the Foundation.

If your credit union provides financial counseling/education, or you are in need of a powerful tool to help you assist your members, this free offer can be an ideal addition to your member service.

Funding for this Quicken™ program comes from charitable support provided to the Foundation, by its generous donors.

Read how to request your credit union’s copy of this open-license Quicken Premier CD in the latest issue of TurnKey.