Foundation Launches MillionaresClub.Org Site

windowThe CU Foundation MD|DC created and launched the first Millionaire’s Club financial education experience in 2011 at two pilot high schools.  Today, over thirty high schools host the innovative financial literacy experiment and additional sites are preparing to launch Clubs.  Over 1,500 students participate in the Millionaire’s Club annually.  Club members have distinguished themselves with State and National personal finance competition titles.

As part of the natural extension of the Millionaire’s Club success, the creators have invested in the tools necessary for widespread adoption of the Club concept by credit unions; credit union leagues, associations and foundations; and schools coast-to-coast.

The expansion strategy, made possible through a grant from the Calvin K. Kazanjian Economics Foundation, revolves around the creation of a new, powerful website, MillionairesClub.Org, that was specifically designed to guide Club sponsors, such as credit unions, and Club participants, like schools and community organizations, in the steps to seed Millionaire’s Clubs in their own communities.

Visitors to the site are welcomed with an overview of the innovative financial literacy experience.  They can view a five-minute introductory film featuring actual student Club members, teachers, principals, volunteers, and credit union sponsors.  Millionaire’s Club news articles are also posted.

Once registered, and without obligation, MillionairesClub.Org visitors are treated to a trove of information crafted to their specific Club role as “participant” or “sponsor.”

Club Sponsors:

  • Discover the commitment (both financial and human resources) needed to make their Club(s) a success
  • Can search local school rosters for preferred Club sites
  • Are treated to pre-drafted grant funding applications to share with their local credit union league, association, or foundation
  • Are guided through the process necessary to launch their Club, detailed step-by-step
  • Can download sample Millionaire’s Club news/website articles, press releases, and Club promotional materials
  • Have direct access to requesting Club supplies, and more

Prospective Club Hosts:

  • View the entire Club curriculum
  • Access free student and faculty materials, shipped at no charge
  • Are linked to Stock Market Game™, Personal finance Challenge™, and Economics Challenge™ sites
  • Can search the National Credit Union Administration database to find a local credit union sponsor
  • Discover the entrepreneurial project aspect of the Club experience and more

Registrants can also access the “Millionaires Clubhouse,” an online sharing forum containing an ever-evolving resource for best practices related to the Millionaire’s Club.

“We developed MillionairesClub.Org as a one-stop-shopping experience,” said CU Foundation MD|DC Executive Director Kyle Swisher.  “Having been through what it takes to launch over thirty successful Clubs, we’ve learned from our mistakes, codified our successes, and created a workable process, bundled together in single site where visitors can access everything they need to adopt the Millionaire’s Club as their own.

“That is our goal – to establish a successful financial literacy program that works for credit unions, school sites, and students and deliver it in a way that any credit union or credit union league, association, or foundation can roll out the program as their own.

151130 Logo“We’re not looking for credit.  We’re empowering credit unions and educators to build financial independence for Club members, starting at a young age.”

To learn more, visit MillionairesClub.Org.