Millionaire’s Clubs Total 50 Sites

What started as a small pilot program five years ago, the Millionaire’s Club financial literacy experience has grown to fifty sites serving 2,000 students a year, and the growth continues to accelerate.

The Clubs began in two public schools in Maryland and Millionaire’s Clubs are now offered in California, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Ohio, and Virginia with additional Clubs under development in Georgia.

“The Millionaire’s Club concept isn’t growing just because credit unions love it – even though they do,” said Foundation Executive Director Kyle Swisher, who created the financial literacy offering.  “It’s not because teachers and schools embrace the idea of providing financial literacy; which they do.  And Clubs aren’t popping up at a growing rate just because students have a strong desire for the skills the Clubs deliver.  It’s because all of these things are happening.  It’s truly a win-win-win situation.”

Janet Oursler, whose credit union, Howard County Education FCU, sponsors six Millionaire’s Clubs, points to the Clubs’ benefits for both students and their sponsoring credit unions.  “I can’t imagine a better way for a credit union to meet its commitment to financial education while also connecting with a new generation of members.  The students’ level of enthusiasm never fails to amaze me.”

The success of the expanding program led the Foundation’s Board of Directors to approve the development of tools and techniques that would allow credit unions and leagues nationwide to adopt the Millionaire’s Club and roll it out as their own financial literacy program.

Central to those new tools is the MillionairesClub.Org website.  The site provides visitors access to step-by-step guidance on creating Millionaire’s Clubs in their own communities.

“We took all the experience gathered while launching our first fifty Clubs, and packaged it in a way so others can take up the program and succeed, saving them years of trial and error,” said Swisher.  ”The new website makes success all but guaranteed for any credit union or school that adopts the program and launches new Clubs in their community.

“Our Foundation’s mission is helping to improve lives, and the Millionaire’s Club is what that mission looks like.”

To learn more about the Millionaire’s Club financial education experience visit MillionairesClub.Org, view the short film and click “ACCESS” to open all of the site’s resources.