Wine Me Up Sells Out 6th Year In A Row!

In less than two weeks donors claimed 225 bottles of premium wine from our Wine Me Up Cellar and raised funds for Foundation programs!

Donations from the Foundation’s generous friends allowed us to purchase over 225 bottles of premium wine to stock out cellar.

Then the Foundation’s “virtual wine pull” opened online where donors made $20 contributions to select randomly, hidden bottles – every bottle valued at no less than $20 and some as much as $180!


Thank you to our friends at Allied Solutions for underwriting the development of our new virtual Wine Me Up site and for donating two bottles of the coveted Dom Perignon Champagne!

Generous Donors Who Contributed To
Wine Me Up And Stocked Our Shelves
With Quality Selections!

Linda Albrecht
Allied Solutions
Doug Allman
Steve Arbaugh
Ronald Baron
John Bratsakis
Bob Brenneman
Margaret Burdette
Paul Butler
Michelle Byrnie-Parker
Tony Caccese
Rosser Campbell
Fred Caprio
Eric Church
Mike Coan
Rosalyn Coates
Sean Connell
Debbie Connors
Kevin Contardi
Bryn Conway
Sarah Cooke
Allen Cox
Barry Decker
Marcia Dixon
Robert Duff
Mark Ely
Regina English
Rod Flowers
Patricia Folk
Derek Fuzzell
Jeff Goff
Marleen Griffin
Bert & Joan Hash
Todd Hassler
Dottie Horsmon
Howard Co. Edu. FCU
Bonnie Jacobson
Adrian Johnson
Marsha King
André Lucas
Norman Mann
Thelma Matthews
Karen McLaughlin
Brenda Minnich
Mike Mohney
Joan Moran
Kelly Mosher
Jay Murray
Jim Norris
Janet Oursler
Scott Patterson
Leigh Philibosian
Leslie Poole
Nick Prevas
Lois & Claude Profili
Cheryl Pyle
Bill Rayman
Lynn Regan
Karen Rosales
Bob Schroeder
Securityplus FCU
Keith Seeley
Ronald Shockley
Dorothy Spilker
Rick Stafford
Karen Stansbury
Kyle Swisher
Jo Ann Talbot
Matt Thompson
Joan Tisdale
Donald Tynes
François Verleysen
Brian Vittek
Rick Webb
Jim Whipp
Kirsten Williams
David Woodruff
Sean Zimmermann