Financial Literacy Grants

Foundation Support For Financial Literacy Initiatives

The Credit Union Foundation creates improvements in people’s lives by supporting efforts that enhance financial literacy and provide personal, affordable financial services.

The Foundation provides grant funding to help credit unions initiate financial literacy projects throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia.

Grants of up to $1,000 are available to help credit unions provide financial education programs for members and the communities they serve.

All Maryland and D.C.-based credit unions are eligible to apply for funding. Credit unions are encouraged to collaborate with each other and by doing so, financial literacy grant requests may be extended up to $1,000 per credit union participating in a single program.

Grant requests are evaluated on a “rolling” basis.

Sample funded activities include:

  • Financial education for students and teachers
  • Financial education for credit union members through in-person, printed, and electronic means
  • Financial literacy-oriented website development
  • Financial education to community organizations
  • Student branch openings
  • Millionaire’s Club high school program

Please assess your request against these basic requirements:

Supports Foundation Goals -Does your proposal:

  • Assist, advance, and strengthen the financial health of your members and communities you serve?

Critical Considerations – Does your proposal:

  • Address problem(s) and create sustainable solutions?
  • Identify populations to be affected?
  • Incorporate an evaluation method that can demonstrate outcomes?
  • Involve other credit unions, agencies, or institutions in a collaborative manner?

Uses Resources Responsibly – Does your proposal:

  • Demonstrate good stewardship of resources (highest & best use of grant funds)?
  • Promote programs that can be replicated?

Financial Literacy Proposal Request Form