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Financial Literacy Program Delivers Opportunity To Educate & Connect

The Millionaire’s Club is a complete financial skills program designed for delivery in a club-like setting at high schools, colleges, and within the community.

In addition to the information you’ll find on this page, the Foundation has also created a focused site for all things Millionaire’s Club.  Please visit MillionairesClub.Org and register to discover a trove of useful information!

DSC_3207 - 2015-01-07 at 12-19-46 (1)The Millionaire’s Club was developed by the Foundation working with professionals from non-profit banking, education, and financial literacy disciplines. The focus is on delivering a meaningful learning experience to Club members that will provide lifelong personal finance skills so members avoid financial pitfalls, and prosper in our always-challenging financial world.

The Foundation works with local credit unions to form partnerships with schools or organizations interested in providing financial literacy to their students or members.

New Clubs are seeded through a charitable investment shared equally between the Foundation and a sponsor like a credit union or other interested party. Generally, a sponsor is only responsible for the initial funding of approximately $250 per year for the Club’s first three years. By their fourth year Clubs are encouraged to be engaged in an annual entrepreneurial project that instills business planning and implementation skills while generating funds to sustain the Club.

Typical Club size varies from 15 to 100+ members.

millionairesThe Club is run by a faculty member at the school or a representative of the organization hosting the Club. Club sponsors help in other ways by providing guest speakers, assisting in the entrepreneurial project, or helping with field trips and ancillary resources (think donuts & pizza!)
Materials provided to the Club Advisor and Members are pulled from the best sources available. When coupled with the Club’s encompassing curriculum, student leadership format, national competitions, and entrepreneurial activities, the Club delivers on its promise – to build tomorrow’s millionaires today through thoughtful preparation and engagement. Club members have earned local and national recognition for their acquired personal finance skills.

Start-A-Club CoverDownload a copy of “Start A Club” pamphlet.

Clubs are provided robust curriculum materials at no charge. The seed funding is provided to help defray the costs of participating in local and national competitions such as The Stock Market Game™ and The Personal Finance Challenge™. Club banners, mouse pads, lapel pins, and other items add excitement to the Club experience and are provided free-of-charge by the Foundation.

The Credit Union Foundation MD|DC is proud to offer this innovative program and we invite interested credit unions and businesses to discover seeding a Millionaire’s Club can make a lasting improvement in the lives of Club members and those with whom they interact.

Visit the Millionaire’s Club Consumer Site for more information.  To view the Start-A-Club brochure, please click here or contact the Foundation at (443) 325-0771 or [email protected].

2013-ARL-TeamView a sample Club Agreement that outlines responsibilities of the Foundation, the sponsoring credit union/business, and the host school/organization.

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