The Credit Union Movement is filled with outstanding member service ideas. The cooperative nature of the Movement encourages the free exchange of those ideas among credit union professionals and volunteers.

TurnKey seeks to facilitate innovation sharing among credit unions. The easy-to-read pull-out section included in the Foundation’s Potential newsletter covers one focused concept per issue. The overview and Q&A sections, coupled with available on-line tools, provide readers with enough information and resources to allow adoption and customization of the featured idea.

To submit an idea to TurnKey for consideration write: [email protected].

Quicken™ Premier Program Improves Members’ Personal Finance Practices

The Foundation can make available, at no charge and while supplies last, copies of open-license Quicken™ Premier, the leading personal finance software used by countless well-informed users. These Quicken™ CDs can be used to help credit unions counsel members who are in need of restoring their credit ratings, are just getting started in the working world, or who just want a better way to monitor their savings and spending.
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Internship Offerings Benefit Credit Unions & Interns; Help Staff Understand Millennials; Boost Membership

Internships have long been a means for employer and intern alike to join together for mutual benefit. SECU of Maryland VP for Human Resources Development, Roderic Flowers, talks about the successful program at his credit union in this issue of TurnKey.
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Training Grants Stretch Tight Budgets

Credit unions with up to $150 in assets can benefit from the Foundation's Training Grant Program. Tuition reimbursement up to 75% the cost of training for staff and volunteers is available.
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Employee Recognition Programs Pay Dividends

Destinations CU and Freedom FCU use employee recognition programs to highlight exemplary employee traits. Learn how your credit can benefit from recognition efforts.
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Securityplus FCU Rebrands Member Service Creed; Earns Trailblazer Award and DeWitt “Best in Show”

Corporate slogans, especially when designed for staff and management, help define the expectations held by the organization for interactions with the public. And in a service industry like banking, member service standards are what can make or break a relationship.
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Baltimore County Employees FCU Celebrates 50 Years of Service

2013 marks the 50th Anniversary of Baltimore County Employees Federal Credit Union, established to serve the financial needs of county workers and their families. Ten years ago, a full-service branch office was opened in Perry Hall to accommodate the large percentage of members.
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Building Your Auto Loan Portfolios While Supporting Financial Literacy

The Credit Union Foundation and Enterprise Car Sales are joining forces to provide credit unions with a means to serve their members, boost auto loan portfolios, and support financial literacy programs in Maryland and the District of Columbia.
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Credit Card Transfer Programs Grow Loan Portfolios; Provide Members With Long-Term Benefits

Read How Montgomery County EFCU Implemented Their Successful Program. When Montgomery County EFCU CEO Jim Norris asked his staff to increase credit card activity at the $81 million Germantown, MD credit union, he wasn’t afraid to issue a few pink slips.
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Helping Youth Members Build Credit Safely

Credit unions have long held the high ground on protecting young members from predatory lending practices. And members need to establish their credit rating so they will be ready when it’s time for an auto or home loan. Protecting members while preparing them for future credit responsibilities can be a tricky balancing act.
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Help Members Save On Energy Bills & Grow Loan Portfolio

“With gas and energy costs rising, members were looking for ways to save on their bills. Hybrid cars were growing in popularity and the government was rolling out incentives to encourage consumers to move toward more energy efficient purchases, from replacement windows, to heat pumps, to appliances.”
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