Vizo Financial Empowerment Grant


The National Credit Union Foundation has identified 12 Development Issues that act as barriers to the financial health & well-being for credit union members, staff, and communities. These barriers impact people’s ability to achieve their financial goals and establish a better quality of life.

The CU Foundation MD|DC in partnership with Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union has established the Vizo Financial Empowerment Grant to support and fund credit union projects that address barriers to the well-being, economic growth and prosperity of credit union members and their communities enabling them to achieve a better quality of life.


Any credit union that is located in Maryland or the District of Columbia and/or is affiliated with the MD|DC Credit Union Association is eligible to apply for a Vizo Financial Empowerment Grant.  The current financial position and financial need of a credit union will be considered.

Eligible projects can be completed by a sole credit union, or in collaboration with other credit unions and/or community organizations.

Applications may be submitted at any time.  Initiatives must be implemented, and grant funds utilized, within a 12-month period from when the grant is approved.

Grant Objectives

Grant winning projects must have the potential to create a positive impact on the community served by the proposed initiative. Project initiatives should help credit union members attain financial stability, with a focus on removing barriers to economic and social advancement.

The CU Foundation will review grant requests for credit union initiatives that:

  • Reduce dependence on predatory financial providers
  • Build and improve personal financial management/saving habits and wealth-building
  • Provide financial coaching to help individuals improve their credit worthiness and grow toward financial stability
  • Address healthcare access, housing stability, food security or nutrition education
  • Provide meal, health or hygiene product distribution programs for students

Grant Thresholds

  • Grants will be awarded based on the number and nature of the grant requests, with a maximum grant award of $5,000.
  • No more than one grant per year, per credit union will be awarded under the Vizo Financial Empowerment Grant Program.

Other Requirements

  • Projects must have clearly defined goals and objectives.
  • Grant requests must be accompanied by a project budget and any additional pertinent supporting documentation.
  • Have an evaluation plan to measure both individual and community impact
  • Projects must be implemented, and grant funds utilized, within 12 months from the date of the grant approval.
  • The recipient credit union must use the grant solely for the purpose stated on the application and will be required to submit a grant reporting summary following the completion of the project outlining how the grant funds were allocated. Testimonials and success stories are encouraged.
  • A credit union may submit another grant request upon completion of any previous grant-funded project and submission of a final report so long as the new grant request is submitted in the subsequent 12-month period following the previous grant.
  • The CU Foundation MD|DC reserves the right to withhold future grant funds in the event the funds are missed or the grant reporting summary is incomplete.

Grant Reporting Summary Must Include:

  • Overview of the project and detail explaining how grant funds were allocated to achieve the project’s goals
  • Testimonials, videos and/or success stories from organizations/individuals who have been the beneficiaries of grant funds
  • Impact statement describing tangible, measured achievements resulting from the project.