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The Credit Union Foundation

of Maryland and the District of Columbia, Inc.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting credit unions and the communities they serve with an emphasis on financial literacy, small credit union support, leadership development, professional development and education.

News & Events

Five years ago representatives of small and large credit unions, teachers, financial literacy professionals, and Foundation staff gathered to develop and pilot a personal finance program for high schoolers. The Millionaire’s Club was born.

Student members at the Baltimore Leadership School for Young Women, a Baltimore City-based charter school and site of the newest Millionaire’s Club financial literacy experience, have been featured in the newly-premiered Sundance Film Festival documentary, STEP.

Every exhibiting vendor at the 2017 MD|DC Credit Union Association's Annual Meeting and Convention was treated with a "Survival Kit," filled with bottled water, mints, hand sanitizer, and snacks - a display of gratitude for their important role. It's a Foundation tradition that dates back to 2010.